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"The Featherweight" (French translation) Waxing & Waning



"Chaos Theory" (alternative ending) Waymark Literary Magazine



"Chaos Theory" Sad Girls Club Lit



"The Mechanics of Salvation" Monologging



"The Stochasticity of You" Ligeia Magazine



"The Featherweight" Waxing & Waning



"The Mudlark" Construction



"Mouse Roulette" Meat for Tea: The Valley Review

purchase Volume 13, Issue 3 Game here:



"A Good Party" Bleached Butterfly



"2022" The Vitni Review



"Silent Night" The Windhover

purchase Issue 23.2 here:



"Dock Ellis' Disciple" Parhelion * 2020 Pushcart Prize-nominated



"White Space" Chaleur Magazine



"Surreal Exposure" Honest Ulsterman



"Hold Fast" K'in



"Par Avion" Promethues Dreaming



"Oklahoma '86'" NUNUM * 2020 Best Small Fictions-nominated



"Microwave" FIVE:2:ONE's #thesideshow



"The Raindrop Dahlia" Deluge [Radioactive Moat Press]



"Fabric" Bull & Cross * 2018 Pushcart Prize-nominated



"Styrofoam and Stars" Dream Pop Journal



"Babiy Yar" Lunch Ticket



"Mayberry"  on Timber Journal *published with pen name

























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