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"Chaos Theory" (alternative ending) Waymark Literary Magazine

"Chaos Theory" Sad Girls Club Lit

"The Mechanics of Salvation" Monologging

"The Stochasticity of You" Ligeia Magazine

"Surreal Exposure" Honest Ulsterman


"The Featherweight" Waxing & Waning

"The Mudlark" Construction

"Mouse Roulette" Meat for Tea: The Valley Review

purchase Volume 13, Issue 3 Game here:

"A Good Party" Bleached Butterfly

"2022" The Vitni Review

"Silent Night" The Windhover

purchase Issue 23.2 here:

"Dock Ellis' Disciple" Parhelion * 2020 Pushcart Prize-nominated

"White Space" Chaleur Magazine

"Hold Fast" K'in

"Par Avion" Promethues Dreaming


"Oklahoma '86'" NUNUM * 2020 Best Small Fictions-nominated

"The Rose Petal" The Esthetic Apostle

"Microwave" FIVE:2:ONE's #thesideshow

"The Raindrop Dahlia" Deluge [Radioactive Moat Press]

"Fabric" Bull & Cross * 2018 Pushcart Prize-nominated

"Styrofoam and Stars" Dream Pop Journal

"Babiy Yar" Lunch Ticket

"Mayberry"  on Timber Journal

























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